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The New Way to Grow Your Business

By Steven Records


While most small business owners are convinced the only way they can grow their business is by hiring a marketing agency to do it all of them, we will show you a new way to do it that saves you thousands on service fees.

Your marketing budget paying for an agency vs consulting/advice

Hiring a Marketing Agency

Agencies cost too much for small marketing budgets to work

If your marketing budget is $3,000/mo or less. Then hiring a marketing agency will likely cost you 50% or more of your total budget. This greatly limits the amount that actually goes towards the media or ad buying that drives traffic and revenue to your business.

Agencies spend significantly less time than you think on services

As shown in this article, Should Your Small business Hire a Marketing Agency, smaller clients could be getting as little as 2.5hrs a month of services. They typically spend more time the first few months to get everything setup and then spend about 1-2hrs a month managing your campaigns after that.

In other words, you could be spending as little as 15mins a week marketing your own business. You would already be spending that and more on reviewing their work and keeping tabs on them.

When you take into account the time you spend and the estimated hourly rate per service hour of the agency, you could be spending $950 per hour of time you saved.

Agencies require long term commitments

Because of acquisition costs and the fact they spend less time on your account after the first few months, they require a 6-12 month commitment. So you are locked into that agreement, even if they are not performing well!

The New Way to Grow Your Small Business

The two reasons most people don’t think about marketing their own business is because of a lack of time and a lack of expertise. However, as shown above, it really takes very little time to advertise your business on an ongoing basis, and with this new way to grow your business, you can have access to all the expertise you need to run your marketing like a pro.

Nuwave Marketing’s a la cart Services

Instead of paying monthly fees to have your marketing done for you, Nuwave offers on-demand services that enable you to successfully market the business yourself. So you only pay for what you need and there are no monthly service fees.

You can get helpful services like a review of your facebook ad campaign, 15-mins of live technical support, or even SEO based content ideas.

Use More of Your Budget for Advertising

Because you are only paying for marketing advice when you need it, you can use the vast majority of your marketing budget for marketing efforts instead of service fees. This means you grow your business more than you ever could with an agency.

Increase in Knowledge Over Time

As you continue to come back for more help, you gain new insights that you didn’t have before, which sharpens your marketing skills making your marketing improve over time.

Easy Online Ordering

Instead of a lengthy sales process, you can order entirely online, with no sales calls and no commitments. It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes. Just find the service you need, and order it. It’s that simple!