Our Story

From Digital Marketing Agency to a New Way for Business Owners and Marketing Teams to Get the Help They Need

It brings us great joy knowing we are able to serve and advise clients of all sizes (even small businesses and solopreneurs), by helping answer their questions, provide feedback on their work, and build strategies that bring results to their business, but that wasn’t always the case..

The Founding Years

Nuwave Marketing was founded in 2017 by Steven Records in Springfield, MO.

During the founding years, we offered ad management, search engine optimization, email marketing, technical business solutions, and website development.

Essentially we served as the digital marketing department for companies across multiple industries or served as an external arm to internal marketing teams for specific services.

Happy Clients and Growing Businesses

In this traditional model, we saw consistent success in increasing website traffic and sales for our clients.

For instance, we took a startup from $6,000 to $100,000 a month in revenue in less than 2 years.

We helped a multi-location business see over a million dollar increase in revenue within 16 months.

We helped an internal marketing team for a 9 figure business increase their organic traffic by over 60% in 9 months.

We helped an online educator get 10,000 leads in 3 months.

With a typical client life span of over 2 years, our clients stuck with us because they were happy with our work and the results they were seeing.

But there was a problem..

The Turning Point

Because of the expenses for sales, onboarding, and project management for each new client, we only could take on clients that could afford several thousand dollars a month to work with us, and because of how many hours it took to manage each account, we could only manage a few clients at a time.

Then we realized something very important.

That much of the value and results came from our knowledge and experience to see what only true experts can.

The New Nuwave

So in 2020, we got to work to create a new way for any business of any size and budget to get world-class marketing consulting and technical support from the same people who have spent years in the trenches bringing tangible results to clients and have already answered thousands of questions just like the ones you have.

We hope this new mission to serve many clients and to help any business will make it possible for you to grow your business with a little help from Nuwave. Get Started